• What is Kiinzel?

    We're a local marketplace to shop & swap with friends and community. Buyers discover amazing local deals and cool new, unique and preloved finds. Sellers have their own storefront profiles and list their stuff for FREE. Kiinzel is the easy and fun way to sell, buy and swap locally.
  • What makes you different than Kijiji, Craigslist or eBay?

    • Kiinzel is a mom approved safe marketplace for you to buy and sell your items.
    • With a personal shop or page for everyone, there's transparency and identity which builds trust in the community.
    • You can create wishes of things you want making it easier for sellers to find potential buyers.
    • We make it easy for your friends to find what you are selling locally.
    • We promote your listings on Facebook and Twitter to help you sell and swap faster.
    • We designed Kiinzel for you – we're making online local shopping easy and fun – the way it should be!
  • What can I do on Kiinzel?

    On Kiinzel you can sell, buy or swap. List your stuff and sell for FREE on Kiinzel, discover fantastic deals and buy locally. Other things you can do on Kiinzel:
    • Create your own shop – your goods and services deserve it!
    • Promote your listings on Facebook and Twitter
    • Build your reputation through our seller & buyer reviews and ratings
    • Invite your friends to check out your shop with Facebook or email
    • Like or wish a favourite listing
    • Send private messages to sellers and buyers
    • Create wishes of what you want
    • More cool features added all the time!
  • What does it cost to use this service?

    Kiinzel is completely FREE to use! In the future, to make Kiinzel sustainable we would like to offer cool premium features that will allow more personalization and payment processing to make it easier to pay for the cool things that you find. But that will be optional!
  • Is Kiinzel available to everyone?

    Kiinzel is currently available in the Greater Toronto Area but we are coming to other cities soon. If you are a go-to-person for your circle of friends and would want to help launch your city, please get in touch by emailing us at Thanks for spreading the word. Your support is deeply appreciated!
  • How do I get an account on Kiinzel?

    That's easy! You can signup using Facebook or use the email signup form to enter your name, email address, city and password. Signing up with Facebook is faster though. Twitter signup is in the works and will be available soon.
  • How do I change my password?

    Go to “Options” and select “Settings”, there you will be able to change your password. Or you can choose “reset my password” from the homepage.
  • Is there a Kiinzel mobile app?

    Not yet but you can visit our web app on your mobile device. We do look pretty good on tablets. We're planning to give you a mobile app in 2014 or sooner.
  • What can I post or expect to find on Kiinzel?

    You can create listings for almost anything but we're here especially for all the baby and kids stuff that kids outgrow so fast. Here are our categories: Baby & Kids, Books & Texts, DVDs, Electronics, Home & Garden, Fashion, Music, Sports, Toys, and Video Games.
  • How do I like a listing?

    You simply click the heart icon on the listing you like!
  • Can I offer a listing for both swap and sale?

    Yes, definitely. Simple choose one and in the description write that your item is available for swap or sale. We are working to give you that option in the near future.
  • How do I create a wish?

    From your shop page, you click on “Wishes”. Here you can simply describe and upload an image of the items or experiences you would love to have. Why experiences? You will see. :)
  • How does the wish feature work?

    If you want something listed on Kiinzel, click on the scroll icon on the listing. You can easily keep track of the listings so you can make an offer later or share it with your family and friends (e.g. at birthday time ). By sharing your wishlist, users can propose swaps or friends can pool together to get you that wish.
  • Can I post more than one listing?

    Duh. Yes, of course! The more you list the more money you can make or to snatch a new cool find!

  • How do I add a listing?

    You can click “Add Listing” icon which is to the right of your name on the top navigation bar or click the “Add Listing” button on your shop page. Next, you will add the listing information – title, images, short description of item, category and then indicate ‘for sale’ (choose a price) or ‘swap’. Listings take less than 60 seconds – we want to make it fast and easy for you.
  • My photo isn't uploading, what's wrong?

    The size is likely too big, try reducing it to less than 2MB and if that doesn't work please email us at and we'll help you out.
  • How do I edit or delete a listing?

    Simply click on the dropdown arrow in the right corner of either the mini or large listing view. You will be able to choose to edit or delete your listing easily.
  • Can I post more than one listing?

    Yes, of course! The more you list the more you can swap or sell. Make sure you share your listing with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. They want to know what you are selling!
  • How do I complete a sale or swap transaction?

    You will receive an email from Kiinzel notifying you of the offer to buy or swap. Click on the “Reply” button. You will be taken to our website to login (if you previously signed out) otherwise you will be automatically directed to your “Message Centre” to either accept the sale or swap or decline it. If you don't know the seller personally you can view their page and check their reviews and ratings. Upon acceptance you can arrange for pickup and make the transaction in cash. The great thing about Kiinzel is you know who you are dealing with, a real person and not a stranger.

  • How do I contact the seller if I have questions about a listing?

    Go to the seller's shop page and click on the “Message” icon below their profile picture. You will be directed to your “Message Centre” where you can ask them your questions. When they reply, you will receive an email and see a notification on the “Message Centre” icon. Go into your conversations tab to read the message.
  • How do I buy or swap an item?

    Once you find an item you want, need, love, make an offer to buy or swap it. If you are swapping you can choose one of your swappable items for suggest something different in the message area below. The seller or swapper receives the offer and chooses to accept for decline it. If the offer to buy or swap is accepted you now can make the arrangements to complete the transaction.

  • I love Kiinzel, how can I help you grow?

    Awe, we love you too! Thanks so much for helping us grow! The more people that join Kiinzel the more fun we can have! Here are some ways you can help us grow: Invite your friends and family to: Other ways:
  • Share your listings on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Tag us when you talk about us so we can thank you genuinely.
  • If you know anyone who makes amazing homemade products for mom or baby, tell them about Kiinzel!
  • Join our team and become a Kiinzel Ambassador! Email us at
  • How can I give Kiinzel feedback or ask a question of the team?

    We can't wait to hear it! Please click on the feedback tab located on the left hand side on any page on Kiinzel. Your suggestions, comments and praise is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support!
  • I don't like Kiinzel that much, why should I come back?

    We're in beta and learning so we're going to have some rough edges and fails along the way. We built this for you and hope you stick with us to give us a chance to get it right. Your feedback is always more than welcome at :)

  • What's your privacy policy?

    You can find our Privacy Policy here. We may update our policy occasionally, so you should review it periodically. Any changes to the privacy policy are effective when they are posted.
  • Is my info safe?

    Yes, we never sell your information to any third parties. Your privacy is very important to us.
  • FUN

  • Where did the name Kiinzel come from?

    Kiin comes from the root word of 'kin', meaning a person having kinship with others. Zel represents the playful, fun and social side of the platform. We consider you family and we're here to have fun! If you have ideas on how to make Kiinzel even more engaging and fun please share your suggestions with us, we'd love to hear them.
  • What makes your team laugh?

    Tickles, baby giggles and baby animals.